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We are the leaders for wind and solar power in the Denver, Colorado area.

Passionate about power

Here at Intermountain Wind and Solar, power is a precious thing. Not only do we use it in most everyday activities, but it can also serve as a matchless ally in the event of a storm or other natural disaster. As a result, we're developed high performance and unbeatable quality solar power in Colorado and wind power in Denver to both meet your energy needs and be an irreplaceable emergency backup. Our solar power is full of benefits. These include-but are certainly not limited to-reducing energy costs, independence from fuel costs, tax incentives, increasing your home's value, and doing your part to ease our carbon footprint. Our wind power is top of the line and comes with a reliable battery backup, so that you will never be without power-no matter what happens out there.

Save the world: One turbine at a time

Our wind power runs off wind turbines that our team of engineers has carefully developed for maximum potency and efficiency. The turbines are able to be either on-grid or off-grid, depending on where in Colorado you live or your preference. Like our solar power, our wind power can be hooked up to a battery that serves as a trustworthy backup in the event of a disaster. The strides that Intermountain Wind and Solar has taken to accomplish such modern and efficient instruments for harnessing natural power are revolutionary, earning us the reputation for having the best wind and solar power. These energy systems are compatible with any lifestyle and any geographic location-from the south of Four Corners up to Denver.

Residential- or commercial-compatible

You already know about the benefits of hooking your home up to solar and wind power, but have you heard the benefits of doing the same with your Colorado business? Intermountain Wind and Solar provides these energy systems commercially, extending to your business the same benefits you've come to expect from having you home run on wind or solar power. Any Denver business could benefit from a decrease in the cost of energy use, and what better way to do so than invest in natural energy systems? When you make the switch to using solar power, both your business and the environment will profit.